Revive 2-in-1 Tens Unit and Muscle Stimulator


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This Tens Unit device is Over The Counter (OTC) and does NOT require a doctor's prescription. It also doubles as a muscle stimulator.

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Revive: The Latest In TENS

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, also known as TENS, is a therapy which uses direct and mild electronic pulses to manage pain. The process works by affecting the source of the pain at the nerve; as the signal hits the nerve, it blocks outgoing nerve signals to the brain, which then halts the sensations of pain which follow.

The TENS therapy units as we know them have been in use since 1974, but electric nerve stimulation tactics for pain management is reported in historical documents as far back as 63 A.D. Over time the machines used for this style of pain management have evolved, making them more portable, lightweight, and easy to use at home or on the go. The latest in transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators is called Revive.

Revive, which was developed by BioMed, is available without a prescription, and is considered a 2 in 1 device, with the option for TENS therapy, or Electrical Muscle Stimulation, (EMS therapy.) This makes it the first non-prescription OTC on the market. The machine offers 8 pre-set TENS modes to choose from and 6 pre-set EMS modes, because each case of pain is different from the next, and may require a unique pulse rate. There are 25 levels of intensity to choose from, which can be selected at the click of a button.

Revive is a USA made machine, and offers users a 5-year factory warranty against any technical malfunctions. The product is described as revolutionary in its class, and with the highest standards of quality offered through BioMed. It was designed to help with pain management and muscle recovery, assisting in the stimulation of blood flow, and providing relief from muscle spasms.

The machine works by placing sets of gel pads along the area where pain has surfaced. The signals introduced into the skin then criss-cross to pinpoint the nerves which are central to the type of pain being felt. Revive works best on small areas of pain, and may not be as useful on large areas, where pain is obscure or hard to locate.

Before using Revive, clean the skin where gel pads will be placed for optimal usage. Always read the instructions provided with the machine, and explore the options offered. Due to the large number of unique settings on this TENS unit, users may need to try various impulse rates and levels of intensity before finding the correct setting for pain or muscle relief.

Sale Price: $89.95

In Stock