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List Price: $95.95 Our Price: $44.95 You Save: $51

Sale Price: List Price: $95.95 Our Price: $44.95 You Save: $51

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This Tens Unit device is Over The Counter (OTC) and does NOT require a doctor's prescription.

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The REBOUND® TENS is a class II medical device that is also been registered with the FDA. Another great feature of this unit is that patients can buy it without a prescription. Designed specifically for pain relief, this TENS unit is an excellent way to manage pain without having to use any kind of drugs. It is also extremely easy to use, effective and affordable.

The REBOUND® TENS comes with an easy to read LCD screen, which clearly displays its operating status, and also provides you with a low battery symbol so that you know exactly when to change the batteries in order to ensure that the unit continues to work properly. The OTC – TENS device comes with a lock feature as well, which prevents the user from accidentally turning up the power while it is in use. There are 14 intensity levels, and this is clearly indicated on the LCD screen. The way it works is that the user will be able to see 7 bars on the LCD, with each bar representing two steps of power. In the first step, the bar will begin to blink, and then once you reach the second step, the bar is turned on, but this time without blinking. It also has a very sleek design and fits comfortably in the hand, so it is easy to carry around and can also be used discreetly.

The way in which the REBOUND® TENS is able to help relieve pain is through the stimulation patents that it outputs when in use. The device has been designed to encompass both theories of TENS, and does so automatically without the user needing to make any type of adjustments. Extremely easy to use, the user will simply have an on and off button which sits at the top of the device, the display screen, the lock button and the two selection keys that sit below that.

When you purchase this unit, you will also be receiving a pair of electrodes, one set of lead wires, two AAA batteries, one hanging lanyard, an instruction manual and quick start guide. If you live in the USA, you will be provided with a one year warranty. Keep in mind that in order to get consistently good results from this TENS unit, it is highly recommended to replace the electrode pads as soon as you feel they don’t stick well any longer. Take some time to have a look at the quick start guide, and please read the manual completely as this will also help you to get the best results from this device and will prevent unnecessary troubleshooting.
If you have any further questions about this product or if you are interested in any of our other products and would like to get more advice to help you make your decision, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We want to make sure that you buy the right TENS unit for your needs and to have a great shopping experience in the process.

  • 2 Conductive pads
  • 1 Connecting cable
  • 2 AAA Batteries
  • 1 Lanyard strap
  • 1 Instruction Manual


Sale Price: List Price: $95.95 Our Price: $44.95 You Save: $51

In Stock