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Revive 2-in-1 Tens Unit and Muscle Stimulator

Revive: The Latest In TENS Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, also known as TENS, is a therapy which uses direct and mild electronic pulses to manage pain. The process works by affecting the source of the pain at the nerve; as the signal hits the nerve, it blocks outgoing nerve signals to the brain, which then […]

Prescription Needed
Rebound Health Device
List Price: $95.95 Our Price: $44.95 You Save: $51

The REBOUND® TENS is a class II medical device that is also been registered with the FDA. Another great feature of this unit is that patients can buy it without a prescription. Designed specifically for pain relief, this TENS unit is an excellent way to manage pain without having to use any kind of drugs.[…]

Prescription Needed

Affordable relief from pain symptoms is something that all Americans should be entitled to, and we have made sure that accessing equipment that can provide this relief is easier now than ever before. With TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) devices, you can now achieve comfort from acute pain without the use of drugs or alternative treatment methods. Although not every form of pain is eligible for the use of these tools, most patients with the exception of those who are pregnant or are currently using a pace maker, are likely to find some level of pain reduction to allow for a healthier kind of lifestyle.

Products To Fit Any Price Point

We have a large selection of products for every body type, functionality, and price point with individual features, sizes, and mobility to be considered. The Rebound unit, for example, is a small device that comes with only one pair of electrodes and one set of lead wires. It is also the only unit to not require a prescription. The Impulse 3000, on the other hand is the most cost effective unit, with three levels of operation and two pairs of lead wires and electrodes. The BioStim Plus is a good tool for those who might not be as technically inclined, but who are used to digital hardware, and the BioStim SD gives you the ability to control the durability of the electrical stimulation. The BioStim M7 has a timer and holds the integrity of settings that were selected by a professional physical therapist, while the BioStim NMS2 and BioStim INF are the most expensive and have the ultimate settings and controls available for maximum pain relieving purposes.

Each one of our products are priced differently, and provides the opportunity for patients in different price brackets to select a unit that suits their needs, while staying affordable to them. If you require assistance in determining which device would benefit your body and skin type most, you can contact our team of trained associates or speak with your doctor or clinician about the possible unit types that would work best for you.

Our Products Are Made in the USA and Come with a Five-Year Warranty

Since their inception there have been many styles and brands of TENS devices, and while some of them may be made internationally, all of the units sold through this site are American made. This guarantees a certain level of quality when it comes to craftsmanship as well as customer service. Each unit is tested so that it stands up to the exceptional standards that are set in place by the brand, and you are guaranteed, not only that the product that you receive was made in the United States, but that you will have a five year warranty in case of manufacturers defects or hardware malfunctions.

FDA Registered ISO Approved Equipment

Our products are completely safe to use, and are registered with the Food and Drug Administration as well as approved by the International Organization for Standardization. The devices are used by many medical physicians and physical therapists for the relief of ongoing acute pain symptoms. They can be used in a medical office, or prescribed by your physician for continued use.

Although these products are not brand new, they have recently begun to make a name for themselves in the health care and pain relief industry. They are trusted by many medical professionals, and patients alike, and have had some flying reviews on rating sites across the internet community.

Trusting In TENS

Pain is classified as an unpleasant reaction you have to an injury and stimuli, both mild and extreme. The most common method of treating these ailments are through the application of drugs, ointment of physical therapy, but the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator, or TENS, units deliver electrical impulses at a low frequency which are felt beneath your skin in affected areas of your body. They work for multiple types and degrees of pain, and while the idea of sending electricity through your body might be off-putting at first, you’ll find that the actual stimulation received is more like a pleasant vibration than any type of shock or electrical impulse you might imagine. Many patients find the treatment to be relaxing and easy to find comfort through.

Where to Find Relief

TENS devices can be used in a number of areas and with a combination of features and additional tools, but the most common areas to treat are the neck, lower back, legs, elbows, and your muscles and joints. Common disorders to be treated by this tool include post-operated regions, phantom limbs, sciatica, lumbago, and areas where amputations may have occurred. Relief can be found for these occurrences in two ways; blocking signals and releasing endorphins. As your body begins to receive the impulses sent out by the TENS it turns off your body’s ability to feel the pain signals as they are sent to your brain. This also causes naturally occurring endorphins to be released, which instantly and naturally promotes happiness and allows your body to begin healing itself, if only for a short while.

With chronic and acute pain conditions it can be difficult to see an end in sight, but it’s important to know that with products like BioStim, Impulse 3000, and Rebound there is the possibility of seeing that end much sooner than you thought possible. Speak to your doctor or clinician today to see if you qualify to try one of these units for your pain condition.