About Us

Our company began with the intention of bringing back some much needed hope to patients who struggle with unmanageable pain on a daily basis. Long term, acute pain can alter the way that human beings perform normal routine tasks, making them difficult to complete, and creating a negative emotional presence. Our hope is that by bringing products to those in need of relief, we might in some way make lives easier and decrease growing levels of both mental and physical distress.

We believe that every person deserves the chance to lead a comfortable and pain free life, which is why we support the use of TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator) devices. The use of these units allows patients to be relieved of, or decrease the level of chronic pain symptoms resulting from an injury or other damaging stimuli, and our goal is to assist each and every user in reaching their maximum level of comfort.

Products You Can Trust

After years of research and testing, our company has determined that by promoting the use of such medically effective devices we can become a trusted resource to patients and health care practitioners as we continue to grow and evolve. We pride ourselves on treating each customer as though they are close friends, giving the best customer service and quality products that we can, each and every time that we do business. Each of the products on our line is designed with the care and precision that we would expect from products for our own families and it’s important that we build lasting relationships with customers, so that they feel comfortable with returning for future products.

Our company stands for providing each of our employees with the resources and training that they require to give our customers the most optimal experience possible, for treating each individual customer with compassion and respect, for providing cost effective care, and for serving as a provider of pain relief for all who require it. We are dedicated to giving the best performance TENS devices available and to improving the quality of life for those who use them.

Affordable Pain Management

Giving back to patients with chronic pain conditions also means understanding that not all people can afford to gain continuous medical care for their symptoms. The devices being sold through our company give pain sufferers the option for increased levels of comfort without the necessity of breaking your bank to obtain it. Pain relief that comes in the form of pills, ointments, physical therapy, and massage can be very expensive, and while purchasing a TENS machine might seem pricey at first, it is a reusable and highly successful device, meaning that it is worth the investment it entails. In comparison to the cost that you might pay for additional alternative sources of pain relief, it is a very reasonably priced piece of equipment.

Products For Every Body Type

Our units differ from other companies who provide care through the use of TENS devices, because we offer a variety of units that are designed to work with different skin and body types. There are also features that are unique to each model, making them better suited for individual use in some cases, or for physicians or therapists in others. While the devices do differ in form and features, they have all shown high success rates and we stand behind their quality and craftsmanship.

Timers, electrode type and size, battery panel, mobility, and level of electrical pulse emitted are all functions that you can choose between when deciding on a unit for your own use. A doctor or clinician can help give you an idea of which model might be best, and a prescription is required for all products aside from the Rebound model, which requires none for usage due to its small size.

Drug Free Pain Relief

Our company is proud to play a part in drug free pain relief, and in helping to provide comfort with no risk of addiction or drug related side effects to our customers. With the gentle vibrations released into your skin through a TENS device you also have the ability to feel instant relief rather than waiting for alternative methods to start working. Although the level and speed of relief differs for each person, past users of these tools have shown highly positive results and given increasingly positive reviews.

American and Proud

Our company was built on hard work, accountability, and complete faith in the good that these products can do. We stand behind everything from the hardware to the warranty, and honestly believe that they can make a real difference in the lives of those who need them. The integrity that these TENS devices hold is amplified by the fact that they are all completely crafted and assembled in the United States of America, making it a product that all Americans can be proud of. Being able to trust in the standards of your pain relief is as important as being able to trust in the company that delivers it to you, and we want to give you a reason to let us earn that trust.

For more information regarding our company or the products that we sell, please use our contact information to call or e-mail us your questions or concerns. Our highly trained staff will be happy to assist you in any way that they can and answer any queries that might come up in the process.